Social Media is for Socializing

Every  business seems to be obsessed with social media, frantically scrambling  to open accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and the  rest.  But not every business is well suited to operate in the social  media realm. Particularly small businesses with small budgets and  limited time. Often businesses do not even understand the limitations of  social media.  Social media does not replace regular advertising.

The  benefits to a business using social media often fall way short of what  might be considered a decent return for the amount of time  they need to  spend managing and running their accounts.  And believe it, successful  social media accounts require a huge investment in time.

One cool thing that companies can do though, on social media, is see what others are saying about them.

Take  care of your customers first and they will let the world know about you through social media. And if you don't take care of your customers  expect them to tell the world even faster.

So  you see, not every company should have a social media page.  But every company should be talked about favorably on social media.

If  you do decide to use social media for your business, start with the big  ones - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Expect results to  take some time.  Spend at least a couple of hours per week managing your  social media.